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Jean-Michel Lannier

A french photographer based on Cologne-Hürth - Brittany

born in Tours on the Loire in France.

It is the region in France where the most famous castles are located. It has a long tradition of art and is called the garden of France, the seat of the joyful and sweet life.

His father has planned interiors, seat polstered furniture from the XVIII century and placed expensive fabrics in castles. He showed him how to do this and taught him with much love and passion. So his sense of fine nice things and his aesthetic sensibilities grew.

In France he have learned to build traditional style furniture.

He worked intensively with different styles, coped with different eras and learned a lot about architecture and interior design and developed his love for design and his eye for the details.

With 31 he founded in Cologne his own company as cabinet-maker and interior designer.

Since he was young, he always liked to photograph, mostly on trips and he always liked to photograph people.

Now Jean-Michel Lannier is working as freelance photographer in Germany and France.
Shoot fashion / beauty / sportswear / portraits
Art Director for JSW-Models


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Tecton GmbH
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DALK 2017 Düsseldorf
GERLING Quartier
BSI Düsseldorf
Immofinanz Group
DSLK 2017 2018
DKLK 2017 2018
Iris Bayer Reitsportausrüstung
MATA Cologne
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BPB Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Wolters Kluger GmbH
Silvia Reiser Artist
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Stefanie Burk Jewelry

and more

Weddings in Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain

Lannier Triskel
Lannier Triskel

Jean-Michel Lannier

Bonnstr. 6
D 50354 Hürth
mob. +49 (0) 170-5252 572

France (secondary residence):
Kerhiec er Porh
56310 Guern
fon. +33 (0) 9 81 78 22 60
mob. +33 (0) 6 76 55 53 462